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The Farfetch Personal Shopping Service You never knew you needed.

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Outfit Details: Blazer: Massimo Dutti, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Top: Zara, Handbag: Chanel

This week I was invited to an incredible lunch at the Park Hyatt Tokyo hosted by Farfetch and my girl Alyson Jenkins of PlayAllDay247 handbags and Adapt Fitness. This particular event was to promote Farfetch and their Personal Client Service. It doesn't surprise me that a high-end private shopping event was hosted at this beautiful hotel because, like Farfetch, it is all about the experience! The Park Hyatt in Tokyo is a favorite among tourists and locals alike from the movie Lost In Translation with Bill Murry. It was filmed at the New York Bar on the 52nd floor as well as throughout the hotel. I personally have been to the Peak Lounge for their Peak Joy- All You Can Drink Dinner and it's definitely something to check out when in Tokyo. Oh, the views!!!

The event was on the 37th floor in a private room complete with a long beautifully decorated table, that iconic view and a lounge area with merchandise hand-selected by the team for display. I walked in and quickly picked up on the Valentine's day theme of red red everywhere which totally got me in the holiday mood!

They served two themed red signature cocktails one with alcohol and one virgin. You can guess which one I went for! The one with a little kick to start the day. The red martini pictured below with the lipstick stains.

Alyson, pictured in the red blazer, was the incredible host and helped to bring some of the attendees together for the Farfetch team. She introduced the stylists and explained exactly how this service worked over an incredible three-course lunch with wine pairings. The entire experience felt super luxe and we all had the opportunity to meet others in Tokyo who are into fashion and online shopping.

The Farfetch Team has put together this Private Client Service as a bespoke, hyper-personalized shopping service that is not only curated to suit you but also specializes in tracking down the most-coveted pieces. From hard-to-find accessories such as watches, shoes, jewelry, luxury handbags and fashion lines this Fashion Concierge is really going above and beyond for its clients. Let's say for example, you find a pair of shoes you really like that just went on sale at Proenza Schouler and your size is all sold out on their website. You can reach out to your Farfetch representative and ask them to look for them for you. They will literally scour the earth to find them for you at a good price and get them shipped over to you right away and in many cases within 24 hours. All of this does depend on your location but regardless its fast! Also, with this service, you can return it to Farfeth at no extra cost. This is huge if you live in Tokyo because free returns are not always included and can be challenging. You also see the customs fee rolled into the price when you pay so you know exactly how much your spending instead of getting slapped with a huge customs fee when your item arrives.

Here is the basic structure of how the Farfetch Private Client experience works. When you join, you are signed on as a Private Client, you’re styled either in-person or with your fashion concierge online. Once you're registered as a Private Client you'll be given access to a personalized app that will show brands that are exclusively offered to their VIP clients as well as given promo codes that can be used on certain items throughout the year. It’s all about designing stylish looks to impress, using pieces that few others can get their hands on. If the styling experience is happening online instead of in-person, you can get same-day delivery in 12 cities between Miami and Milan but if your living in Tokyo, just within a few days. The more you use your stylist regularly, the more he or she will get to know your personal taste. Ultimately, what Farfetch gets you is both access and immediacy. And when you’re traveling the world, and intend to do so in style, that’s exactly what you need.

This service is for the person who may need that perfect client-facing wardrobe one day and on another, a look for the French Riviera. This person wants to consult with a stylist with a ton of A-lister type experience and get their items in an extremely timely fashion with little fuss. There is a minimum spend per year so not everyone can take advantage of these exclusive benefits but once your in, your in and your time is better spent on other things while your stylist works hard to make sure your always looking fantastic.

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