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Boramae Dog Park Seoul

There are not too many off leash dog parks in Seoul but the Boramae Dog Park is one I have been frequenting quite often. To get there you can take the hunter green subway line to the Boramae stop and exit out 1 or 3. Once you walk into the park you'll have to go to the far corner, past the CU on your right and then go to the right behind the recreational fields.

They have two separate areas, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. Having a small dog, I really appreciate that they separate them a bit as it’s a little easier keeping track of my little one and not having to worry as much. Each section is kept very clean and people are mindful about cleaning up any dog waste. They have a little tiled area with a running faucet if you would like water for your pet which is perfect on a hot summer day. They also have seating around the small dog section for you to relax as your puppy runs around and explores. Before entering there is a sign-in sheet where your supposed to write your name and phone number and it also has an attendant so if a dog was to get a little aggressive you could report it with this person. It's great that they have a bit of security to the place as it makes me feel much safer for our dog to be able to roam freely. I am not sure of the hours of the dog area but I usually frequent in the afternoon and on the weekends.

The rest of the park is also quite beautiful and full of places to take pictures and enjoy nature. It’s a great little escape outside of the city. A trend I noticed in Korea is that people will often bring full sized tents to escape the sun, bring a picnic and spend the entire day in the park. They also have a full running track, soccer fields and little gardens spread around the park.

There is a CU Convenient store located inside the park if you need any snacks or drinks which makes spending a day here or a few hours very easy. Overall, I highly recommend this park and plan to check out Seoul Children's Grand Park and Peace Park at World Cup Park which also offer leash free dog areas. Please let me know if you have any other recommendation's as we are always looking for fun places to go with our pup!

Winston The Papa Baby

Little Pup Off Leash Area

Walkways Of Trees

Running Track and Tents

Little Gardens Of Beauty

Boramae Dog Park

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